Quantas A380 incident

I wonder if the failure is to the engine cowling or by-pass ductiong rather than to the engine core.
The only photo that I have seen in the media showed little obvious damage to the engine core. The cowling is something like a car travelling on the road having its bonnet [hood to the Americans] or wing tear off.
If it was so, this would be sort of good but bad. Sort of good because any damage caused by failure of the core structure or rotatives is likely to be much more difficult than a cowling failure of sheet or fasteners to put right. But still bad because any – any – failure in flight is intensely dangerous. to the aircraft, the passengers and the reputation of Rolls-Royce or Airbus. Easy for me to speculate.
I know that the design and development engineers will have been scrambling for a couple of days to put matters right.

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