One place that computers go to die.


The Lad was getting rid of a dead little flat bed copier and a sandwich toaster. Not one device, you understand, but two items. Anyway. To the local Council Waste Recycling Centre.

There on the top of the skip for electrical equipment scrap lay a BBC computer. He was amazed that they were still around. Not that he is an expert in these things. When they, along with the Acorn [was it] and the Amstrad using Basic, were in their prime as the cutting edge of domestic computing his children were too young and he was too attached to his Sinclair hand held calculator. The Black Watch digital watch was also the latest thing then.

Are there any, outside of a museum, still operating? What did they do? Are there any emulations of them that can be downloaded and operated on the PC or the Mac? The Lad supposes that the answer to that can be found on the net. He can’t go looking for it as, if he did, nothing would ever get done.

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