What intrigues us?

This week in a motoring supplement to the Sunday Paper, someone was describing a new car coming soon onto the market. It was to be a new higher powered version of an existing sports car. The is was one of the things said in the piece.

“Behind the scenes, the engineers of the AMG division of Mercedes are putting the finishing touches to a test and development programme  ….. But as they worry about such things as noise, vibration, harshness and torsional rigidity, prospective owners  may be more concerned  which colour to order roof in and whether to choose the optional Bang and Olufsen sound system for added serenity.

For those who are concerned with future career paths yet to be chosen either for themselves or others that they may be mentoring, this is a useful snippet to consider, debate or discuss.

What topic catches the fancy?

 What is the correct approach or is there one?

What do the engineering topics mean?

What is the difference between ‘design’ and ‘development’?

[From the Sunday Times, 15 May 2011, ‘ingear’ supplement, page 2, ‘Car of the Week’]

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