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This post introduces a snapshot of what some engineers work on. You see the header? What is it? If  you cannot guess, see below.

It is the first of a new series of headers aiming to provide a collection of key hole views of her or his engineering world.

Every item that you see in this picture and its position has been defined precisely in many drawings. The definition of each component will be of its material; its dimensions and tolerances; the way that it is manufactured; and how it is protected against its environment. The positions to enable all to fit together will be relative to one or more datums nearby in the picture field or, more likely far away.

There are bolts and valves and electrical connectors and cables and hoses. See the forged support piece: once upon a time long ago it would have been a solid, machined bar or casting. Now it is more carefully stress analysed resulting in a lighter, more efficient design of component. At the right there is a pressed sheet structure that has been coated with sealant and then that itself has been painted over.

Some engineers wrestle with this type of machine. Other engineers create in a different environment. See pictures in the future headers.

Oh yes! What is it? It is part of a car engine compartment. Yes, but what car?

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