The emergence of Civilisation

Engineering is one of the three drivers in the advancement of the human race.

You may have noticed this sentence newly in the previous post on the ‘Steam Navvy’. Perhaps you even exploded with fury at the arrogance of it.

The Lad decided that the blog needed a footer to go with each post to express the blog philosophy as concisely as possible

He struggled to express in the few sentences at the end of each Blog as much as possible of what is important. Guiding and offering teaching discussion points and also informing non-engineers are obvious target audiences. But the other question is ‘Why?’.

He concluded that it was because engineering is one of the three primary endeavours. The primary endeavours, in The Lad’s definition, are those that have most benefited the human race from the very beginning. They began their influence as early as when Lucy [Australopithecus afarensis] roamed the savannahs and they remain influential still. What are they?

Agriculture, Medicine, and Engineering.

Engineering deserves a lot of media exposure and this blog is a small contribution. By Engineering, perforce in the earliest days, The Lad means Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering

As every engineer knows, there is an optimum number of legs supporting a structure so that it is firm however uneven the ground. The structure of civilisation grew steadily on the basis of Agriculture, Medicine, and Engineering. That is why The Lad calls those specialities the Tripod of Civilisation. He hopes that he has avoided bathos.

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